Why treat the inside of your vehicle's                    HVAC system?

• Modern HVAC Systems trap more moisture than
  older systems

• These systems are ideal habitats for the growth of mold, 
  mildew, bacteria and other micro-organisms

• Spores from these micro-organisms are then regularly
  blown into the passenger cabin and colonize the
  in-car environment

The MotorVac Solution


MiST Cleaning Solution kills bacteria in vehicle HVAC
systems and cabin surfaces, restoring the air quality of
your customer’s vehicle. It travels through the entire HVAC system to combat mold and mildew and improves the
quality of the air in the vehicle.

• Kills bacteria and effectively treats mold and mildew in
  the HVAC system and cabin of a vehicle

• Designed specifically for use with the MotorVac
  CarClean System

Part No. 400-0501

MotorVac Ultrasonic MiST Solution
12 x 3.38oz (100ml) Bottles




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