Part No. 500-1100B

A complete professional In-line Automatic Transmission Fluid cleaning, exchange and conditioning system that is now even easier to use with our new Automatic Flow Direction Technology and our exclusive  in-line chemical treatment program.

New Features/Benefits:

  • Automatic Flow Direction Switch with Anti-backflush Filtration:  Connect and press Start, the TransTech III+ senses and adjusts flow direction automatically.
  • In-line Treatment Injection System:  Injects ATF Flush and Treatment quickly and easily.

  • Expanded In-line Adapter Assortment:  More European, Asian and North American Coverage are now available.

Continued Benefits:

  • The “One Touch” Electronic Controls are ease to use and provide feedback during the service.

  • “Drain Pan” feature makes transmission filter change quick and convenient

  • “Smart” control system includes audible low fluid indication and automatic bypass at end of service

  • High volume waste fluid pump and dedicated waste hose for fast waste fluid evacuation

Excellent return on investment.  One service per day will pay for the machine in a few months!

MotorVac Transtech III Manual

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